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Keyword Data at Scale

Our unique collection of APIs and tools allows you to access keyword data for any project.

Why Choose GrepWords?

Grow Your Reach

Use GrepWords to find keywords your competitors have no idea exist. Dominate your niche with powerful insights.

Hyper-Local Data

Get your search volume at the hyper-local level with our state-of-the-art data technology.

Historical Trends

Understand seasonality for your keywords so you can target content campaigns around peaks in business.

High Availability

Our simple APIs can be integrated into almost any system.


GrepWords has come to be trusted by many of the largest agencies and SaaS companies around the world.

Tools and API

Power Tools And Universal API Access: Choose a suitable package for your website and join innovative minds



$ 49 Monthly
  • 50k requests/month
  • Keyword lookup
  • Related keywords


$ 149 Monthly
  • 250k requests/month
  • Keyword lookup
  • Related keywords


$ 349 Monthly
  • 1M requests/month
  • Keyword lookup
  • Related keywords

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