About Us

GrepWords is your source for keyword data at scale.

GrepWords was founded in 2013 by Russ Jones, a true pioneer in data science and SEO. Russ was a self-taught data scientist, who made a big impact in the industry through his work at Moz and here at GrepWords.

MarketMuse, a leading content intelligence and strategy platform, acquired GrepWords in 2020. Tragically, Russ passed away in 2021. Our goal is to honor Russ and his vision by adding value to the community, growing the GrepWords platform and building upon the legacy Russ leaves behind while honoring his vision and work in everything we do.

In 2021, GrepWords launched its updated platform, focusing on Keyword and SERP intelligence data and reports. GrepWords is growing, keep an eye on this site or follow us on Twitter to stay in touch and up to date.

Here’s a few things you can expect coming soon from GrepWords:

  • Intelligence Reports: Understand the competitive landscape for your industry of interest with details on ranking domains, visibility, market share and valuable keywords.
  • Scraping Endpoint: Scrape the content of a page and receive back HTML and structured JSON. Use this tool to analyze page content, store the text of a page, compare pages within a SERP and more.
  • Knowledge Graph Endpoint: Query via the API and get back related topics, content scores and word count targets for your key term.


We do not have a free trial. However, we do offer these example datasets:

If you’re looking for a custom solution, jump on a call. We can provide additional sample datasets as needed.

When you partner with us on an enterprise solution, we work off of annual contracts.

You will be automatically swapped to the new endpoint. These migrations are being executed currently. Please contact us if you believe you have been erroneously omitted from the migration process.

When partnering with us on a custom solution, we can accept credit card, ACH and check payments.

The volume of SERP requests, keyword lookup requests and rows of related keywords, are customized according to your needs.

For SERP, the default number of returned results is 100. For related keywords, the default number of returned results is 500.

We work together with you to create a custom solution with rate limiting options based on your needs.

Documentation is available for the following endpoints: 


Requests typically resolve in 1-10 seconds, depending on the endpoint.

We can provide live keyword data as part of an enterprise-level custom solution. If you’re interested in discussing a custom solution, we can walk you through use cases or design something specifically for you. Set up a call to learn more.

GrepWords supports over 90 countries and 30 languages, including English, Spaish, French and German. You can see a full list of supported countries and languages in-app, here

Setting a device is optional. Possible values for mobile device are iphoneandroid or any

No. For lookup, you will need to conduct separate requests to get data for multiple keywords. 

Yes. Wildcards are supported via the broad match functionality.

GrepWords is based in the United States, headquartered in Boston, MA.

One Simple Plan

Custom pricing
  • All responses delivered as JSON
  • Multiple endpoints: SERPs, Keywords, Related Keywords
  • 90+ locations supported

Custom Solutions

You dream it, we do it. We can customize and build data solutions specific to your needs.