11 New APIs for GrepWords Customers!

We have spent the last 2 weeks now rolling out a feature every single day. If you need a quick recap, we rolled out…

  • Local Intent Keywords
  • Commercial Intent Keywords
  • Video Intent Keywords
  • Suggestions for Amazon
  • Suggestions for Ebay
  • Suggestions for Etsy
  • Suggestions for Getty Images
  • Suggestions for Google
  • Suggestions for Google Play Store
  • Suggestions for Trip Advisor
  • Suggestions for Tumblr
  • Suggestions for Twitter
  • Suggestions for Vimeo
  • Suggestions for Youtube

But as you know, GrepWords believes in APIs. We believe in freeing our data so our customers can use it wherever they want. So today we announce 11 new APIs, one for each of the suggestions tools we rolled out, for all of our current and future customers at no additional cost.

Here is how it works:

Endpoint: http://suggestions.grepwords.com/?apikey=##apikey##&type=##type##&keywords=your+keyword+here

APIKey: You will need your valid GrepWords API Key to use the suggestions endpoint.

Type: You will need to select a type: amazon, ebay, etsy, getty-images, google, play-store, tripadvisor, twitter, vimeo or youtube

Keywords: finally, you will need to add your keyword.

The response is a simple JSON encoded array of keywords and their values.

{“baseball a”:{“lms”:170,”cpc”:0,”cmp”:null},”baseball america”:{“lms”:27100,”cpc”:0.68,”cmp”:0.00815591331685}}

That’s it! Thanks for being GrepWords customers!