Ebay Keyword Suggestions

What would be a keyword tool with Amazon suggestions but not Ebay suggestions? Check out the latest addition to our Ebay keyword suggestion tool, free for all existing customers!

Amazon Suggestions Tool

We heard you loud an clear. Our customers wanted terms that not only performed well in Google but also in Amazon. So, we took a note from our many competitors out there and built an Amazon Keyword Suggestion tool right into GrepWords. Go ahead and give it a try!

Video Intent Keyword Tool

Following the release of our local intent and commercial intent keyword tool, we recognized a lot of our customers are interested in video related content as well. Introducing our new video intent keyword filter. Just drop in whatever keyword you like and find related terms that have video intent. Once again, this is free for …

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Local Intent Keywords

Over the next two weeks we will be announcing new features every day. Our first feature located inside the Grepwords App is “Local Intent”. Taking advantage of our ability to do regular expressions lookups against our database, we are able to return a wide array of keywords with local intent incredibly quickly. Just type in …

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SEOgadget for Excel

We love to see people integrating with our tools, Richard Baxter has a great suite of functions to help you get your SEO data into excel called http://seogadget.com/tools/seogadget-for-excel/ He has recently added support for getting GrepWords data right into excel:http://seogadget.com/grepwords-keyword-research-without-adwords/